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Watch Double The Fist online: Episode 5 House Party

Steve, still shattered from Panda's death, wanders off into the bush. Rod immediately assumes control, and organises a house party. Rod is still reeling from the loss of his hair in the battle against the website, and he hopes to regain his confidence by donning a wig and picking up (and most likely date-raping) several girls at the party. He also harbours a grudge against Womp, whose poor effort in the fight against the website he partially blames for the loss of his hair, so he tells Womp that the house party is a challenge, and whoever picks up the fewest girls is kicked out of the Fist Team. At the party, Womp lets the competition winners go free, believing their leader that they will return. Mephisto encounters a couple of medieval re-enactors, furthering his relationship with them. Rod, meanwhile, performs reasonably well with the ladies before losing his wig, revealing his bloodied scalp and turning them off. He tries to rectify the situation by calling on Tara, telling her that her mission is to sleep with him; she initially refuses, however he destroys her tokens in an accident, which effectively kills her at the end of her mission, so she vengefully completes her mission as violently as possible, as Rod vainly attempts to apologise. Meanwhile, Steve comes across a tribe of overweight men living in the bush. He immediately proclaims them to be weak, but they tell him that the strongest thing a man can do is cry in front of another man, and eventually win him over. The men have a celebratory feast to initiate their newest member, but when Steve realises that both the food and the skin he was to wear as an initiation ritual came from Panda, he goes blind with rage, killing the entire tribe. He returns to Prawn World with a renewed focus to take over the world and use his power to destroy weakness, and declares himself the 'Man of Fist'.

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