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Watch Double The Fist online: Episode 4 Double the Dragon

Steve's fist furniture does not sell as well as Steve had hoped. Worse, the website is hacked, and is replaced with a weak website mocking Steve. Steve sends the Fist Team out to find out who has taken over the website. The team traces a physical computer cable through the streets and locates an Internet Cafe populated by medieval re-enactors, still angry about Steve's treatment of them in Episode 9. They inform the team that the website (manifested as an enormous, purple monster) has broken free and cannot be contained. The Fist Team begins to battle, but is quickly short of numbers: verbal abuse from Womp has rendered Tara useless, and Mephisto is accosted by medieval re-creationists who ask him to be their leader against Steve Mephisto considers this, and, in an ostensible betrayal of Steve, agrees to the proposal and does not tell Steve. So it is left to Rod to defeat the website. He succeeds, but is attacked by a smaller tendril of the site, which takes a chunk of hair from the back of his head, leaving Rod shocked and lacking confidence. The team returns victorious to Prawn World. Meanwhile, all manner of chaos has broken loose at Prawn World. Buyers are cancelling their orders of Fist Furniture, and Steve vents all of his frustration on the Mime, whose relationship with Panda and whose weak refusal to ever speak he has never approved of. Steve sets upon the Mime, physically attacking him while shouting "Speak! Speak!". The Mime, so committed to his act, tries to write Steve a note to communicate, but Steve angrily crumples it and devises a new plan. He leaves Panda a message, ostensibly from the Mime, to meet him in the field; he then sets up a bouquet of flowers booby-trapped with a shotgun, and forces the Mime to watch from afar, so that the only way to save Panda was to shout out. However, the plan backfires, and the Mime does not speak; Panda's head is blown off, the Mime hangs himself, and the viewer sees the partially crumpled note that the Mime tried to give Steve: "I am mute." A broken Steve is met by the returning Fist Team, and he gives Panda a posthumous 'Man of Fist'.

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