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Watch Double The Fist online: Episode 2 Local Council

With the money acquired in the previous episode, the Fist Team (including Womp, who is both no longer a vampire and no longer dead) and the "competition winners," members of the public who joined the Fist Team through a competition but who are effectively kept by Steve as slave labour, set up in Prawn World, a dilapidated theme park in the bush with a giant prawn as its advertising mascot. Representatives of the council arrives to evict the Fist Team, and Steve immediately orders his team to take them down. A battle time is set for the following morning, when the council returns to evict them. Rod is sent to the council offices, to take on the mayor (a humanoid mutant who is seen to devour a baby in a single mouthful) directly. However, in doing so he comes face-to-face with the mayor's secret weapon, Tara, a beautiful and deadly assassin who, when inactive, morphs into a vending machine controlled by special tokens. Mephisto remains at Prawn World and angers Steve with his convoluted plan involving the wearing of tin-foil hats, telling him to use more force. The council arrives and the battle begins, and the council gains the upper hand. After disappointing Steve and being sent to a shed for time-out, a dejected Womp speaks with his subconscious, which instills in him the confidence he needs to reclaim his position in the fight (and causes him to grow antlers). Womp returns and helps to win the fight. Steve gives his brother Rod the 'Man of Fist' award, despite Rod being almost killed in an epic fight against Tara and contributing very little else to the battle.

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