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Watch Double The Fist online: Episode 1 Beat the House

Steve returns to Earth (chronologically after Episode 7) to find four years have passed and weakness is at an all time high. He encounters a pair of medieval re-enactors upon landing, and beats them up when they ask that he join them as their leader. He then sets out to find his team: Rod is spying on gymnastics performers, Mephisto is guarding a blood bank (but some vampires have him in their pocket), Womp is being crushed by cars at a derby and Panda is in a zoo. With his team reassembled, Steve tells his plan: to created the ultimate fistworthy base to eradicate weakness, particularly that of the Medieval Re-enactors, from the face of the Earth. For this, they will need $1,000,000. He has a plan: the Fist Team's new target is gambling- not gambling itself, but the losers. He plans to beat the house in the most fistworthy way imaginable: steal it. For his plan, Rod will impersonate a famous hypnotist while Panda will be his 'lovely assistant'; Womp will pretend to be a famous professional gambler and provide a distraction while Mephisto will pretend to be a guard, allowing to sneak in a vampire friend (who will not show up on the security cameras). It does not go as planned. Womp is caught up in his surprising success in gambling and does not fake a heart attack, prompting Steve to knock him out. Mephisto takes Womp down to the vault but Rod puts him to sleep due to a misunderstanding, and the vampire gets to Womp. They both then go on a rampage, causing security to lock everything down. Panda, meanwhile, has fallen in love with a mime. Rod and Mephisto barely escape, but Vampire Womp is disintegrated when he steps into the sunlight. Luckily, Steve managed to chain all the pokie machines to the prize car in the chaos and drives off with exactly $1,000,000. Due to stuffing up the least and not being disintegrated, Rod is given the new title 'Man of Fist'.

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