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In the premiere episode we are introduced to the three families. First, there is the Fraser family (Michael - 54, Lynn - 54, Robert - 22 and Sasha - 17) from Sydney. Second, also from Sydney, is the Povey family (Tony - 49, Mel - 51, Chelsea - 15 and Samantha - 14). And the third family is the Sherry family (Glenn - 45, Vicki - 47, Ashley - 18 and James - 16) from Melbourne. All three families are under the belief that they will be travelling in luxury to a mystery luxurious location, which will be revealed to them at the airport. But, in fact they are to live with some of the oldest tribes in the world, having to live just like them, and follow out their practices. The Fraser family has to live with the Himba tribe from northern Namibia, the Povey family is with the Mentawai tribe from Indonesia, and lastly the Sherry family is with the Zulu tribe of South Africa. None of the families like what they have gotten themselves into, but how will each of them manage to cope in their new environment?

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