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What is Glutton for Punishment about?
Bob Blumer loves a challenge. Whether its braving the heat as a waiter in a five star restaurant in New York or braving the elements during five days of backbreaking grape picking in Germany, he thrives on the excitement. As the host of The Surreal Gourmet, Bob has spent five seasons cooking his way across the country in his Toastermobile. His passion for food and spirits is matched only by his lust for adventure -Glutton for Punishment is a primetime series that celebrates both. Every half hour of Glutton for Punishment finds Bob facing a daunting food or spirits-related challenge. One week hell be in intensive training for the national Oyster Shucking Contest, and the next hell be learning to juggle razor sharp knives as he takes a crash course to become a Benihana chef. Bob will travel the world in search of extreme epicurean experiences. And instead of merely playing along for the photo-op, then getting back in the van, Bob will be fully embedded in the action. As the audience witnesses his total immersion into an array of extreme and challenging tasks, they will learn something new about ingredients, techniques and tricks of the trade. Theyll also feel the genuine drama of Bobs pain and savour his hard won victories. Fun, fast paced and entertaining, this is a show for the impassioned foodie, armchair adventurer and gourmet traveler in all of us.

Actors: ob Blum

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Season 4 of Glutton for Punishment

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