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Watch Forever Eden online: Episode 8 Worst Nightmare

The episode opens with the new girl burning her identity in the fire, standing next to Ruth. She introduces herself as Michelle, 21 from Brooklyn. She's in Eden because she likes to party and stir up trouble. The girls, especially Neveen, take an instant dislike to Michelle. The guys aren't impressed by her attitude either. The girls take Michelle to her room, she's sharing with Wallace. She explains in her confessional, "Wallace is the only guy I'm interested in. Cos he's hot." At dinner Michelle's encouraged to give her honest opinion of the group, and is assured no one will hold it against her. Michelle says about Brooke, "You're totally the bad girl Brooke, and you're definitely, probably, not to be mean, you're probably the most loose!", then points at Neveen, "You are just a vulgar, vulgar, dirty, dirty little girl, and you have nothing but nasty shit coming outta your mouth!" Both Brooke and Neveen comment in their private confessionals how much they dislike Michelle, Neveen absolutely hating her. Ruth announces that there is to be a Coupling Ceremony. A coupling frenzy begins and Michelle is offended when both Wallace and Chris do not want to couple with her, causing arguments. Michelle calls Brooke an "absolute pig" in her private confessional because she suspects that Wallace and Brooke are a couple. The next day, Michelle's breast implant breaks, leaking everywhere. Neveen is extremely insensitive and makes it known that she doesn't care, while the rest of the group sympathise with Michelle as she's told by Hawke, Eden's Medic, that she must leave Eden. Before leaving, Michelle tells the girls that she'd seen tapes of previous episodes, and Neveen had called all the girls "bitches". She hugs everyone except Neveen when she leaves. The other girls confront Neveen about calling them bitches. She admits it, saying of course she should have called them bitches when they all voted to have her banished from Eden. Kassie explains that Michelle said Neveen said it twice. "Well then she's a stupid trick and I didn't like her from day 1, and I'm glad her fuckin' boob exploded," Neveen replies, "And did she also tell you Brooke that she also talked crap at the dinner table about you last night? Did she tell you that? I woulda broken a lamp on her head, that's what I woulda done. If I woulda been kicked off, I woulda punched her in the face and blown up her other boob, that's what woulda happened!" The others comment on how harsh she was before she continues, "I will knock her out, I will punch her in the chest just to make sure she leaves. I will, oh I will beat her ass so bad..." At the Coupling Ceremony, Ruth explains that at the end of the ceremony, the man without a partner will be banished from Eden. Both Chris and Jordan choose Claudia, and she chooses Jordan as her partner. However, Ruth says that the ceremony is not over, and as a special privelidge due to everything that happened, Michelle was able to choose someone to replace her. Shawna walks into the banishment temple, smiling as the show flashes back to her making out with Wallace, then to Jason picking Neveen over Shawna in an banishment ceremony, and finally to Jordan's harsh words to her when he got banished from Eden for the first time. Ruth, "Welcome back Shawna." Shawna, "Thank You!"

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