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Watch Forever Eden online: Episode 7 Where's Wallace?

Jason and Neveen have a fight over who's smarter. Neveen says she thinks Jason is just a big idiot. Matt and Kassie get closer, as Matt tries his moves on her. Chris continues to reveal that he has an attraction to Wallace, so trying to prove that he's not gay, Wallace asks Brooke if he can sleep in her room together. Romance begins to bloom between them. Later, Wallace comes right out and says to Chris that he basically just doesn't like men. Matt becomes annoyed by Neveen during a volleyball game by her constant negative comments about Matt's playing. He later contemplates a way to try and have Neveen voted off. Jordan decides that a relay race should be held with everyone participating. The loser men will have to wear Neveen's clothes (since they're so outrageous), while the loser women will wear sexy clothing. Ruth later arrives explaining that everyone will have to write down a question that they want to ask one other person. Later that evening, everyone will gather around the "Tree of Truth" to ask and answer the questions, truthfully. Tensions spark as soon as they get into it, causing someone to break down. Then, a new girl shows up at Eden. Her mission: to tear everyone apart.

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