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Watch Forever Eden online: Episode 5 Stand By Your Man

The women receieve an apple, which turns out to be - good. The letter that came with the apple reads that the women must each choose a man to partner up with in Eden. Earlier, Jason tells Shawna that he thinks she's the most beautiful girl there, but Shawna just rolls her eyes at the compliment. The pairing up begins as Kassie wants to go with Matt, Brooke wants Matt, Liz wants David, Brooke wants Michael, Shawna wants Wallace, and Neveen later decides that she wants Jason. A new guest also arrives at Eden, whose name is Claudia. Ruth explains that since the girls now outnumber the guys, the person that doesn't pair up with someone will be banished next. Thinking that a twist will show up at the banishment ceremony, David, Liz, Shawna, and Wallace work up a plan in order for Claudia to not pick David and Wallace. Their plan involves Wallace and David dressing up as total geeks, so that it will leave a bad first impression on Claudia, and she'd have to pick someone else. The "plan incapable of failing" falls through as Claudia makes a surprising decision.

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