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Watch Romeo X Juliet online: Episode 20 "Mission" To Uphold Duty ~One Unwavering Step~

Juliet, as the Red Whirlwind, rebels against Lord Montague to free the people of Neo Verona and successfully captures the outer city or common square. Meanwhile the village Romeo is leading is having trouble due to the soil; as the tree dies, the fertile land dies. Soon news about Juliet is sent to Romeo, and being supported by everyone in the village, Romeo rushes to meet Juliet. After meeting with Juliet, Romeo begs her to let him reason with his father once again. In the council of dukes Montague proposes to burn the entire common grounds to flush the Capulets out. Only one was in favor, his adopted son Mercutio, whilst the others refused. He then proceeds to kill the chairmen to persuade the others to accept. Romeo arrives to persuade his father to surrender. But, instead of surrendering, his father shows his Escalus, and he witness the tree death. Juliet then visits her parents' grave, at her grave she meets with Ophelia, and here we discover that Juliet is destined to save the tree or die to create a new tree

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