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What is The Trap Door about?
Somewhere in the dark and nasty regions where nobody goes, stands and ancient castle. Deep within this dank and uninviting place lives Berk, the overworked servant of The Thing Upstairs. But that's nothing compared to the horrors that lurk beneath The Trap Door. For there is always something down there, in the dark, waiting to come out...

Genre: Animation, Children


Season 1 of The Trap Door

    Episode 4: Lurkings  
    Episode 8: Ghoulies  
    Episode 9: The Dose  
    Episode 17: Yechh!  

Season 2 of The Trap Door

    Episode 1: Scunge  
    Episode 6: Bugs  
    Episode 7: Yum Yum  
    Episode 10: Boo!  
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