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Louise is moving in with Joe, the love of her life, Donna has found a rich man with no personality and Karen has realised that the only thing a woman really wants in life is to make her man happy, so she has found herself a chauvinist. So everything’s sorted. Or at least it is until things start to go wrong. Louise discovers that in actual fact she sort of hates the love of her life (he’s so fucking nice) and spends more and more time trying to get away from him. Karen is fine until Billy staggers back into her life and tells her that he’s dying. She decides that she’s going help him do all the things in life that he wished he done (swim with Dolphins, a skydive). What she didn’t realise was that all these things were to be done off his tits (Dolphins with mushrooms, skydive on e) and she is soon sucked back into a world of drunken insanity. And Donna is fine until Karl comes back from Italy. The moment she discovers this she dumps her new rich man like a sack of rotting flesh, but when she discovers that Karl’s returned to marry his Italian girlfriend, she immediately picks up the rotting flesh again and pretends that everything is fine. Until Donna sees the girlfriend getting off with someone else. But it’s okay, the girlfriend tells her that they’re having an open relationship. Donna is horrified at what Italy has done to the man she once loved. Things come to a head when Joe, misreading Louise’s reticence as love invites her into a hot air balloon and promptly ask her to marry him. There is only one thing she can do – she says no. There is only one thing he can do – he fucks himself out of the balloon and puts himself in a coma. Karen finds out that Billy isn’t really dying he just thought it’d be a good way of getting her back. Donna tells Karl that she’s come to terms with his open relationship, which is fine, only he didn’t know he is having an open relationship. To make matters worse when Karen gets home, her chauvinist is waiting for her and he’s angry. In an instant he turns very scary and a frightened Karen manages to knock him out, tie him up, humiliate him, and torture him for a couple of hours (well, you would, wouldn’t you). So there they are. Left with this dilemma; what to do with a violent, tortured man. They ask Karl to help. God help them. The show ends with a wedding, a puppy in a hospital room and will Karl get on the plane and out of Donna’s life forever or not?

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