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Watch hack Liminality online: Episode 3 In the Case of Kyoko Tohno

The second of the four OAVs starts off with Junichiro is stuck in traffic. Since the traffic is so bad, Junichiro telephones Yuki (One of Tomanari's email companions from the first episode) and notifies her that he is running late. While waiting to meet with Tokuoka, Yuki sees a ferris wheel and a department store. Seeing how she has a few hours to kill, she decides to go see a movie. During the movie, the film goes snowy and the words "The World" flash on the screen. Shortly after, the alarms start to go off and the movie abruptly ends. Moments later there is an explosion, traffic abruptly stops, and all cell phone connections are severed. Back inside the movie theather, the crowds are directed to leave the building. However at this time, the shutters above the doors are being lowered and soon everyone inside the movie complex including Yuki are trapped. As Yuki tries to escape from the building, she bumps into a kind lady. Together they try to escape from the building, but they soon find out that all of the emergency exits have ceased to work. After exploring around the building looking for a way out, they soon find out numerous stoves have been left on and if they aren't turned off, a fire could start engulfing everyone in it. They realize they have only one option left, they have to pry open an elevator shaft and slide down the elevator cables. After a few moments, they finally pry open the elevator shaft and climbed down the cables. Upon reaching the ground floor, they find out that a truck has smashed through the building and that this must be the second coming of Pluto's Kiss. Eventually, power returns to the city and Yuki and Tokuoka finally meet. During the meeting, Mai calls Tokuoka and mentions that The Would is based upon the Epitaph of Twilight. Yuki mentions that Kyo is an expert on the subject and that Tokuoka should meet with her right away.

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