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Watch hack Liminality online: Episode 1 In the Case of Mai Minase

The story starts with a middle-aged man getting beat up outside the CC Corp building by two thugs. During the beating, one of the thugs tells the middle-aged man to give up his dream. The middle aged man says that it isn't a dream and that CC Corp is in on it. Then the scene then flashes to Ishikawa, Japan where an ambulance is taking 2 kids to a hospital after they both fell into a coma while playing a game. The girl (Mai Minase) is able to recover, but her friend (Tomanari) is still in a coma. As time passes, eventually Mai goes back to school. While at school she is stopped by the middle-aged man and he introduces himself as Junichiro Tokuoka. Junichiro wants to know if they were playing a game just before they went into a coma. Eventually, Junichiro tells Mai that six other people in Japan are in a coma after playing "The World" and he needs Mai's help because he wants to recreate the exact playing conditions that originally caused both Mai and Tomonari to go into the coma. Mai tells Junichiro that his login name is "Sieg" and his password is "Maiminase". Once Junichiro has this information, they decide to head back to the place where both Mai and Tomanari went in the coma. Only this time, Junichiro will play as Sieg. While both of them are logged into The World, Mai senses that something on the field is coming after them. She tells Junichro to run, but Tokuoka can't hear anything but the game music. Mai persists that something is there coming after them. Mai rips off her headset and tries to get Junichiro to stop playing the game. By this time, Tokuoka is so hooked into the game and there is only one way to get Tokuoka out and that is by smashing the computer. After the computer is destroyed, Tokuoka is lying on the ground not moving. When Tokuoka wakes up, he realizes that there is something different about The World and that together they are going to find out what is going on.

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