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Watch Traffik online: Episode 4 The Chemist

Jack Lithgow is still under heavy pressure from his job at the Home Office, but worse, his daughter takes a drugs overdose and is hospitalised. He books her into an expensive residential clinic to try and get her off heroin. Fazal accompanies Tariq on his visit to the North West Frontier of Pakistan to buy part of the opium crop. He is then left to oversee the conversion of opium into heroin at a remote laboratory. But the chemist and Tariq argue about the price, and Tariq returns with armed men. To test Fazal's loyalty, which he is beginning to doubt, Tariq orders Fazal to kill the chemist. Fazal refuses. Karl's trial begins in Hamburg. Evidence hinges on the testimony of Ledesert, the supergrass who was caught by Ulli and Dieter. Helen tries to get Ledesert assassinated to stop him testifying, but the plan goes badly wrong.

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