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What is Tattoon Master about?
Hibio Hibino (or "Eric," if you get the dub) is a short-fused, blunt and occasionally violent teenaged boy with a chip on his shoulder about life in general and women in particular (especially class president Fujimatsu ("Lisa" in the dub. His mother, an archaeologist, encountered a mysterious desert tribe called Tattoon, whose members practice what is called "pattern magic." Nima ("Bala" in dubspeak), the leader of the tribe, was shown a Hibino family photo, and she was so taken with Hibio that she decides to mysteriously appear in front of him, out of thin air, and announce that they are to be married, which doesn`t please him. He hopes to get rid of her somehow, but it`s hard for him to do that when she bounces out of the front doorway to greet him with open arms. The character design shows a very obvious Urushihara influence (minus the nudity), but what`s wrong with that, apart from the fact that only two OVAs were made?

Genre: Animation

Season 1 of Tattoon Master

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