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Watch Footballers Wives Extra Time online: Episode 7 Episode 2.7

It's the morning after Matt turned down Joly's marriage proposal and things are tense between them. Matt claims their relationship is moving too fast and Joly resigns herself to the status quo. Matt is going to visit his mum at her nursing home but rejects Joly's offer to accompany him. Jeanette is getting stage fright at the thought of the national "Awakenings" tour that Oliver and Anika have planned. She confides the truth about her "sexual healing" to Darius. He's shocked but adamant she should go ahead with their plans. Meanwhile Anika and Ollie are exploiting the merchandising potential to the full, eager to make a big killing. It's time for her opening show and Jeanette is petrified - scared she will be revealed as a fraud in front of a packed audience. However she manages to overcome her nerves and when Miranda, a patient with Multiple Sclerosis, claims to be cured, she is thrilled. However, the thrill turns to horror when Miranda turns out to be an undercover journalist and exposes the extent of the scam. Anika and Ollie disappear, leaving a distraught Jeanette to face the wrath of the crowd. Yasmin drops a clanger with Joly when she lets on she saw Matt with a huge bunch of roses. Joly is troubled - he said he was visiting his mum in Sheffield. Why would he lie? Has he got another woman? Cash is pulling out all the stops in an effort to woo back Yas. He convinces her that things will be different this time, he'll really look after her. Yas is touched by his efforts - maybe it's time to move on from Seb? Perhaps Cash will finally get what he wants. Matt arrives home to a furious Joly who demands to know the truth. He convinces her that he just needed time to think over her proposal but he's made his decision. Will it be what Joly is expecting? Darius reassures Jeanette's faith in mankind with a surprise outcome to the "Awakenings" debacle.

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