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Watch Footballers Wives Extra Time online: Episode 5 Episode 2.5

Yasmin is distraught over Seb's death and is being comforted by her family. She can't believe he has been viciously murdered - who would do that? Meanwhile, her guilty lover Cash is calmly destroying any evidence that will tie him to Seb's murder - Yasmin must never discover the truth. Darius is devastated to hear about Seb's death. He is comforted by Shannon and her new boyfriend Callum who are interested to hear about Jeanette Dunkley's healing abilities. Perhaps she can get rid of Callum's mum Trisha's cancer? Both Jeanette and Trisha are equally as reluctant to get involved as this could ruin both of their scams. They will have to conjure up a plan quickly before their loved ones find out the truth. Cash's sidekick Woody is in a sweat. He never meant to kill Seb, just rob his car. Whilst Woody is winding himself up, Cash is keeping his cool - all's fair in love and war. Joly and Matt are so proud of their new business venture and Joly can't wait to have both their names up on the licence plate but Matt is surprisingly reluctant to have his on it. Why is he being so evasive? Sparks are flying in the brasserie's kitchen between Rees and Lizzy. But Chanel soon puts a stop to their flirting. For someone who claims not to care about Rees, she is certainly taking an active interest in his love life. It is the official opening party and Joly is thrilled her long lost friend X Factor's Rowetta, is able to officially kick things off for Canteen. Cash makes an unwelcome appearance at the party with a stunning antique necklace for Yas in the hope of winning her back. But where did he get it - and will Yasmin say yes? Desperate to cover his tracks, Cash is forced to torch his car when he discovers the police are closing in.

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