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Watch Footballers Wives Extra Time online: Episode 2 Episode 2.2

Seb is down in the dumps after being shafted from Earls Park, now he can't even get on the bench at City. In a bid to cheer himself up, he decides to get wasted, only thing is, Yasmin's not interested and instead, gives him a long lecture about how he should be putting all of his efforts into impressing his new boss. And anyway, even playing for City he earns more in a week than most people earn in a year - it's time for him to put up and shut up. Seb starts to phone around, but he soon discovers that nobody is interested in hearing from a has-been. Funny how the "hangers-on" disappear the moment you're dropped from the Premiership! It's a miracle! Coma victim Oliver is awake and now sitting up in bed, proof that Nurse Dunkley really does have healing hands. Luckily for Oliver, he can't remember anything about her very peculiar methods beyond the odd, very confusing flashback. But he's got more important things on his mind, namely, how he's going to support himself and Anika now that his so-called friend Ed has run Chukka Ent. into the ground. It's official, Matt and Joly are a team. They're going into business together, opening a restaurant. With his fantastic reputation as a top chef and her business mind and front of house skills, it can't fail. Matt excitedly shows Joly the premises he has found. It needs a lot of work, but this is it - their future. Although Joly is excited, she's still preoccupied with the fact that Yasmin still refuses to talk to her. But Matt's got an idea that might work to get Joly back in favour with her kids, beginning with offering Rees the role of second-in-command in the kitchen. Rees is ecstatic and Joly is made up for him, if only she could get Yasmin to work at the restaurant too. Now that Joly's gone, there's a spare room in the twin's flat and Yasmin doesn't waste any time in offering it to Chanel. Although she's well up for the idea of living in her best mate's luxury apartment, Chanel is a bit concerned about how Rees is going to handle the idea - it's obvious he's head over heels in love with her. But Yas is insistent and before long, the girls head back to the estate to pick up Chanel's gear. As she's struggling across the catwalk with Chanel's toolkit, Yasmin spots a familiar face from the past amongst a passing funeral cortege - it's her ex, Cash. Anika is delighted that Oliver had been brought back from the brink and can't thank Nurse Dunkley enough. Neither can Oliver's father, Garry who presents her with a huge bouquet of roses and an envelope full of cash to prove his gratitude. Never one to miss an opportunity, Garry has also turned up with half of Fleet Street in tow and plans to milk his son's miracle recovery to the full. But his story backfires when Anika tells them the truth - only the other day, Garry Ryan wanted to turn his son's life support machine off. Seb and Darius are both depressed - kicked out of Earls Park and with no future prospects, life is grim. But when Seb visits Darius in hospital they lose their minds on a mix of vodka, morphine and cocaine. Soon their day becomes a riot of pumping music, Class A drugs and a high speed wheelchair race down the hospital corridors. Life never seemed so good... right until the moment when a high-speed collision with Garry Ryan brings them crashing back to reality. Garry was being photographed by the press handing over a vast cheque to the children's ward and he's livid. Darius and Seb both need teaching a lesson! Although she knows he's bad news, Yasmin is worried about Cash when she discovers that his dad has just died and can't stop thinking about him. It doesn't help that she's completely losing interest in Seb who arrives home from the hospital drunk, coked up to the eyeballs and in an aggressive mood. Later, when he's crashed out, there's a knock at the door - it's Cash! Yasmin knows that she shouldn't give into temptation, but she can't help it and in a matter of seconds, they're ripping each other's clothes off.

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