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It is three months since the accident and Anika is praying that her boyfriend Oliver will wake from his coma. Oliver is stuck on a life support machine after the car crash that killed Michelle but at least it means he's off the coke. Sinister Nurse Dunkley can't believe her eyes when she spots Anika at Oliver's bedside - she's the spitting image of her older sister Tanya Turner. The once 'hot new talent' of Earls Park, Seb Webb, is fighting to stay out of Division Two after being dumped from the Premiership and sold to ailing City. His girlfriend, Yasmin, turns up at the City training ground to watch her man play after a holiday abroad with her best friend, Chanel. But when Seb gets tackled by one of his team-mates, Yasmin can't resist having a go and soon the fists are flying as she and another female spectator come to blows. Later, she and Seb argue about the incident and their relationship - Yasmin is fast losing interest in Seb and the constant self-pity trip he's been on ever since being dumped by Earls Park. Yasmin and Rees are furious with their mum Joly when she drops her latest bombshell - she and Bruno never divorced - they're his legitimate kids after all. Yasmin can't believe that her mum brought them up in poverty on a rough council estate when they could have been living a life of luxury with Bruno. Unable to take her mother's lies anymore, she chucks her out of the flat. At least Joly can count on the welcoming arms of Matt. Together, they move into a hotel as a temporary measure. Rees is mad about Yasmin's feisty mate Chanel. She's a man magnet and with her fun-size stature and good time attitude, there's nothing she likes better than a good bonk, and Rees is bowled over when she suggests a quickie in the back seat of her clapped out car. But Chanel isn't interested in a relationship - she just wants a regular shag. Oliver's dad, Earls Park Chairman Garry Ryan is sick of prolonging the inevitable and decides it's time to turn his son's life support machine off. Anika is distraught, she can't believe Garry could be so heartless, but as long as the doctors insist that Oliver is never going to recover, there's nothing she can do. In desperation, she begs for Nurse Dunkley's help. During Oliver's next bed bath, Dunkley puts her magical healing hands into action and with the aid of a rolled up towel, manages to stir him out of his coma

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