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Watch Footballers Wives Extra Time online: Episode 4 Episode 1.4

Rees may have ruined everything. Yasmin drags him straight down to the hospital to check on Angelica, but not before the six-year-old has told Bruno where she got the bad sweets from. Clocking Rees approaching the ward, Bruno goes for him and hurls him across the corridor. He also takes back Reess house keys, telling him never to darken the doorstep again. After a moments hesitation, Yasmin heads off to join her new family, leaving Rees all alone. Luckily for Anika and Garry, Oliver is so out of it that they are both able to get out of bed and get dressed without disturbing him. Oliver is woken with a glass of water in the face and, although he is surprised to see Garry there, he doesnt suspect anything. Now recovered from their close call, Garry and Anika have a go at Oliver for checking himself out of the clinic. Bruno is all for calling the police but Lucy convinces him otherwise after everything that happened with Conrad, does he really want the police sniffing around their house? Yasmin meanwhile ensures that she spins the entire situation to her advantage Bruno should see that shes very different from Rees, absolutely her fathers daughter. Seb is also firmly wrapped around Yasmins finger and finds himself formally asking Bruno if he can take his daughter out. Bruno agrees, but as long as Seb keeps his mitts to himself. Anika keeps Garry happy in more ways than one when she assures him that Oliver is safely back in the rehab clinic and then lets him take her over his desk. Theres nothing like a bit of overtime to keep the boss happy. Back at her apartment, Oliver is housebound because the money that Garry is giving him to pay for his treatment is going straight into Anikas bank account. Lucy catches Yasmin going through her wardrobe in search of something to wear with her date with Seb and flatly refuses to lend her any of her clothes. Enter Daddy to the rescue. As he bought all of Lucys clothes, Bruno doesnt see why she cant lend something to Yasmin, and, even presents his daughter with a diamond necklace to reward her loyalty. Rees is waiting for Yasmin as she leaves the house. Hes been sleeping rough and is furious that she hasnt been in touch. Yasmin gives him a bit of cash but hes still pissed off, especially when he clocks the blinging necklace around her neck. At the posh restaurant a snooty waiter tries to make Yasmin look stupid when she mispronounces something on the menu, but she gives as good as she gets and Seb is impressed. Neither of them are very impressed by the food though, while Seb struggles through a plate of snails, Yasmin tries to force down the oysters shes ordered by smothering them in ketchup. After hes paid the bull, Yasmin takes Seb for some fish and chips before he takes her home in the limosoon its steamy windows all the way. After hours in Garrys office, Anika finally gets the chance shes been waiting for. It takes a while, but eventually she manages to guess the password to Garrys computer and then uses it to clean out one of his offshore bank accounts. After leaving Yasmin, Rees makes a phone call. The following day, we find out who to when Joly arrives at the Earls Park Training Ground and whacks Bruno right in the nuts.

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