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Watch Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team online: Episode 6 Episode 6

The end of training camp is approaching, and DCC cameo photos are on the schedule. The training camp candidates and veterans are readied for their close-ups, dressed in their fitted DCC uniform with their hair and makeup flawless. It's a joyous time for them, but there is a purpose to the glitz and glamour. DCC director Kelli McGonagill Finglass and DCC choreographer Judy Trammel are searching for the perfect DCC package, and these photos are a tell-all. The good and the bad is revealed. Next, technical director Kitty Carter shows up at Valley Ranch and directs the girls through rehearsal. With Kelli and Judy looking on, Kitty is quick with her blunt honesty in calling out the glaring mistakes made by the candidates and veterans during drills and routines. Kelli's and Judy's eyes are opened to a wide array of lingering problems with this class -- from performance issues to weight gains. Tonight, no one is safe from being scrutinized. Eight girls -- vets and candidates -- are called into the office. Who stays? Who goes home?

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