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Watch Sabrinas Secret Life online: Episode 1 At the Hop

Greendale Highschool is holding it's first dance and Sabrina can't wait to go. She hopes that Harvey will ask her out to the dance. Later that night Harvey calls her to ask her out but Sabrina is also on the other line talking to her best friend Maritza. Unfortunately Sabrina mixes up her call-waiting and rejects Harvey's invitation by accident. After this Cassandra tries to ask Harvey out to make Sabrina look like a fool, but Maritza overhears Cassandra's wicked plan and asks Harvey out herself. Sabrina then sees this and ends her friendship with Maritza. Cassandra then convinces Sabrina to help her create a spell to teach Maritza a lesson. At the dance just when they are about to use the spell to get revenge on Maritza, Sabrina discovers what really happened. She apologizes to her and then uses the spell on Cassandra instead.

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