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What is Scout's Safari about?
Scout is a 12-year-old girl and happily growing up in New York City. Just as she's about to become a teenager and enter the exciting world of adolescence, her mother decides to move them to an isolated part of South Africa. She'll be running a safari lodge. Scout's new environment is totally alien to the sophistication of New York. Watch as nature challenges Scout to learn the truly important things in life. Characters: Jennifer "Scout" Lauer: Thirteen-year-old Scout is a confident, self-reliant city girl who speaks her mind and can't wait to keep life moving. Cheryl Lauer-Schickler: Scout's mother is happy to have her daughter living with her and ready to work at their relationship. Roger Schickler: Roger, a very cool guy and a free spirit, helps maintain the Lodge, protecting it from greedy developers and dangerous poachers. Tyler Schickler: Scout's stepbrother Tyler, bright and probably a tad spoiled isn't too thrilled when Scout comes along and disrupts his cozy little world. Bongani Khumalo: A childhood friend of Scout's, Bongani hails from a long line of Zulu chiefs. Proud of his heritage, Bongani is the first in his tribe to cross over to Western culture. Nandi Ngwenya: Nandi is a 14-year-old Transkei who digs American pop culture. She has an instant connection with Scout, but doesn't always get along with Bongani. Charlton Boone: Also known as "C.B.," Charlton is the Lodge vet, close friends with Roger, and the voice of reason and experience. C.B. respects the harmony of nature and becomes a mentor to Scout. Sherna Puckett: As Scout's best friend since kindergarten, Sherna shares stuff with Scout via e-mail and real-time video, providing the scoop on their old friends -- and Scout's boyfriend. Sherna: Scout's baby elephant Sherna is named after her best friend from home. Oddly enough, Sherna the person does not take well to having an elephant named after her! Dennis Lauer: Scout's father Dennis is a photojournalist off on assignment near the North Pole. It was hard for him to leave his daughter, but he needed to make ends meet. A special thanks to the Discovery Kids' Scout's Safari Site for the character bio's.

Actors: Anastasia Baranova, Freedom Hadebe, Ashley Dowds, Hlomla Dandala, Jarred Uys, Dana de Agrella, Chantall Stander
Genre: Children

Season 1 of Scout's Safari

    Episode 5: The Lie  
    Episode 8: Released  
    Episode 13: Fathers  

Season 2 of Scout's Safari

    Episode 1: The Gift  
    Episode 2: Shark!  
    Episode 5: Potions  
    Episode 10: Rumors  
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