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Watch The Worst Week of My Life online: Episode 2 The Worst Christmas of My Life (2)

In the first episode, Howard took his unconscious boss Nicola to her home, and, after showering, was forced outside naked by Nicola, after she mistook his nakedness for preparation to rape her. Howard turned up naked on his in-laws'doorstep, and proceeded to urinate on the Christmas goose, falsely claiming to his wife and mother-in-law that his father-in-law was dead. He bought a new car with money he thought he would get from his father-in-law's will, crashed into his father-in-law, caused his mother-in-law to faint, made his wife suspicious about his naked escapade the previous night and finally destroyed his wife's childhood dollhouse, which was to be a gift to their newborn daughter part 2 of 3

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