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Watch Britains Next Top Model online: Episode 10 Beauty and Cover Girl

The girls start the week by attending a casting session with Sadie Frost and Jemima French, in which the girls are judged on their overall look and performance. The girls then view an African Tribal dance in which Lisa Snowdon is carried in at the end. Lisa informs the girls that whoever makes it through the next elimination, will continue the competition in South Africa. They then meet up with Caroline Barnes and Sophie Beresiner for a beauty editorial. Firstly, they looked at the girls portfolios in which they say Alex's look is not interesting and Catherines may be limited. Stefanie on the other hand was complimented on her look and versitility, and Rachael was heavily praised for her portfolio. The girls then did a beauty shoot infront of each other. When it was Rachael's turn to model, Alex got bored and didn't pay attention which Rachael found off putting and rude. The girls then had to choose out of each other who was the best in that shoot, to which Alex and Rachael chose Catherine and Stefanie and Catherine chose Rachael. As it was a draw, Stefanie and Alex had to choose between themselves who out of Catherine and Rachael would win the challenge. Rachael realised Alex would not back down on her decision and therefore withdrew herself and Catherine won. Back at the house, Rachael got annoyed with Alex's bad attitude and confronted her, to which Alex hid herself under her bed covers. Rachael said Alex was being childish about the discussion and didn't seem to want to win as much as everyone else, to which Alex shouted back and then refused to acknowledge Rachael and Stefanie's opinions. The photoshoot was for the cover of Company Magazine and who ever wins the competition will have this as the actual cover. Lisa was also there to interview the girls on how things were back at the house, to which Stefanie reluctantly mentioned Alex's bad attitude, and Rachael revealed how much Alex was rude in the previous challenge and that she didn't think Alex deserved to win on looks alone. Lisa then questioned Alex and Alex assured her that she was determined to win and lied about not paying attention in the challenge. At the judging panel, the girls were asked about why they thought they deserved to be Britain's Next Top Model, to which Stefanie's heartbreaking speech about her struggle to overcome her glamour look touched the judges. Stefanie's beauty shot was described as 'perfection' and her cover showed her lucious look. Both Rachael's photos were also heavily praised by the judges. Catherines beauty shot was praised by the judges but her cover was not well recieved. Alex's beauty shot was also praised, but her pose on the cover bothered some of the judges as she lost her neck. In the end Catherine and Alex ended up in the bottom two this week. Lisa described Alex as having a cool funky edge, and Catherine as having a high fashion look and interesting beauty. In a surprise twist, both were put through to go to South Africa and noone was eliminated.

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