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Watch Britains Next Top Model online: Episode 3 Style and Presentation

The girls are told that they are getting their makeovers in a Lisa Mail. Once they arrive at the salon, they discover that all the mirrors have been covered with black paper - to prevent the girls from seeing their makeovers till they are completed. Aaron, Charlotte, Rachael and Stefanie begin to cry at the thought of having their hair cut off but most the girls are happy with the final result. Alex threw a temper tantrum at the thought of getting her hair cut, but she - like the others - was pleased with the final result. The challenge was a bucking bronco advertisement for the ever so cheesy "Britain's Next Top Model Hairspray" in which they had to learn a script and bring some comedy to the challenge. Leanne was shocked once it was announced she had won and a lot of the girls (especially Lisa) were annoyed. Back at the house a split was caused as the more sensible girls (Martha, Lynzi, Lauren, Louise, Lisa, Stefanie) stayed upstairs as the others led by Rachael made clothing out of kitchen utensils and rolled around naked in chip fat and mayonnaise. For this weeks photoshoot they had the added element of working with a small dog, however Aaron, Lauren and Lisa had to pose with a Weimaraner. Gerry was extremely impressed with Martha who brought emotion and poses to the shoot but was very annoyed with Louise who walked onto the shoot looking like she'd just been slapped in the face with a hot frying pan. Lisa and Rachael gave great shots but Stefanie and Lynzi lacked to produce anything editorial. At the judging panel a lot of comments were made on the dire advertisements and the judges gave mostly good comments to the girls on their photos. In the end, Louise and Lauren end up in the bottom two, and Louise is sent home.

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