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What is Rocket Man about?
Talented engineer George (Robson Green) immerses himself in the project shortly after his wife Bethan's death. His plan is to send her ashes into space, so he and his children can look up at the stars and always see her in the heavens. It's a project that impresses eight-year-old Tom (John Rhys Halliwell), a massive fan of his dad's. But teenager Angela (Lucy Evans) is made to feel that she is the one keeping the family together. Tom spends many hours designing and building models and gazing at the stars with his dad. But soon Tom's school work starts to suffer, and George has to face up to the responsibilities of parenthood. However, George can always rely on the support of his best friend Barney (Charles Dale), who works alongside him in the local chocolate factory. Barney plays a key role in keeping both the rocket launch and his friend's life on track. Together, the pair work hard to overcome obstacles and family pressures. As they hunt down rocket parts in South Wales can their dreams of space come true?

Actors: obson Green, Lucy Evans, John Rhys Halliwell, Charles Dale, Alison Newman, Janine Wo
Genre: Drama, Comedy
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Season 1 of Rocket Man

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