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What is Mai-Otome about?
Adapted from its predecessor Mai-HiME, this series is not a direct sequel, but an alternate universe setting, featuring some of the Mai-HiME cast (though with different personalities). Arika Yumemiya is a poor yet energetic girl who has come to the city to become an Otome a female warrior with the power to match an entire army. She quickly befriends her irritable fellow student Nina Wong and Princess Mashiro, the queen-to-be. With the help of her mysterious benefactor and abundant natural talent, shes able to overcome the trials of everyday life in the competitive Garderobe Academy, but darker schemes are afoot. How will her new friendships fare, when secrets of the past and present are brought forth to spark a fight for the crown, and more?

Genre: Animation


Season 1 of Mai-Otome

Season 2 of Mai-Otome

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