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What is Speed Grapher about?
More than 10 years have passed since the bubble economy ended. The world has polarized into wealth and poor, and Japan is not an exception. Wealth is pursing his desire and pleasure, and Tokyo has become a city of pleasure. Saiga is a photo journalist, but he was confiscated his passport and he has to stay in Japan. One day, he is asked to cover a secret club, Roppongi Club. It is a club which only a few selected people can join. It is said that the member can get ultimate pleasure. He manages to get in the club. Then, he meets a girl, Kagura, who asks him for help. She is manipulated by the manager, Suitengu, and she is treated as the symbol of the club. Saiga runs away with her. After that, he finds he has obtained a special ability by the encounter with her. Also, the pursuers of Roppongi Club are those who have obtained special abilities.

Genre: Drama
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Season 1 of Speed Grapher

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