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What is Wild Weather about?
Combining the scientific interest in climate primarily found in meteorologists and the fearless gall of a daredevil, Donal McIntyre hosts this exploration of extreme weather conditions. Whether he is braving temperatures of 18 below zero in his underwear or exposing himself to wind gusts of 100 miles per hour, Mr. McIntyre provides informative information on the elements while entertaining the audience by endangering his life. The BBC production contains four installments, exploring the harshest conditions of "Heat," "Cold," "Wind," and "Wet." In addition to McIntyre's antics, stunning archival footage and computer graphics are used to further study meteorology.

Actors: onal McInty
Genre: Documentary
Imdb: click here

Season 1 of Wild Weather

    Episode 1: Wind  
    Episode 2: Wet  
    Episode 3: Cold  
    Episode 4: Heat  
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