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What is Deadliest Catch about?
Forty-foot waves, 700 pound crab pots, freezing temperatures and your mortality staring you in the faceit's all in a day's work for these modern day prospectors. During each episode we will watch crews race to meet their quota and make it home safely.

Genre: Reality TV
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Season 1 of Deadliest Catch

Season 2 of Deadliest Catch

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Season 3 of Deadliest Catch

Season 4 of Deadliest Catch

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    Episode 5: No Mercy  
    Episode 10: Blow Up  

Season 5 of Deadliest Catch

    Episode 6: Deadline  
    Episode 11: Lockout  

Season 6 of Deadliest Catch

Season 7 of Deadliest Catch

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    Episode :   
    Episode :   
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