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Watch Gatekeepers online: Episode 5 Miu

As school lets out, Miu's friends invite her out, but she leaves them and visits Reiji and Ayane at Headquarters. Reiji has been taking care of Ayane, who's been in a coma for four weeks. Reiji talks about how Ayane hated the city, and how the city's corruption breeds Invaders. He shows Miu the storeroom of crystals from vanquished Invaders. He says that one day he hopes to be able to turn these crystals back into humans, even though the chances are slim. He also wonders why, despite her hate, Ayane continued to bring the crystals back to him instead of destroying them. The blonde-haired Ghost Girl enters Headquarters and hovers over Ayane. She says Ayane is just like her. Reiji opens his Black Gate on her, but she isn't absorbed. He realizes she isn't an original Invader, but a human. Using her own Gate powers, the Ghost Girl blasts Headquarters apart, takes back all the collected crystals, and disappears. Reiji reveals that he's partly prosthetic because his use of Gate Powers consum

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