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Watch Gatekeepers online: Episode 4 Ayane

Satoka meets a new student in class. Outside, Ayane wistfully watches some birds. Later, outside the school, Miu asks Ayane about Satoka and Satoka's powers. Suddenly, Satoka appears and reveals that Ayane is the only daughter of legendary Invader-hunter Shun Ukiya. Satoka asks why Ayane took her mother's maiden name, given her dad's achievements. Ayane slips away without answering, angering Satoka. Count Akuma Hakushaku, an Invader, tells the blonde ghost girl his strategy of luring victims with the smell of honey and then poisoning them. Satoka fruitlessly tries to find out about Ayane from Miu. After Satoka leaves, Yukino appears to Miu and quotes more cryptic poetry. Ayane visits Miu at her place of work and criticizes her for putting up a false, friendly front when she's actually being selfish. Reiji picks up Invader activity, and Satoka races to its location. Satoka slaughters the Invaders using her Gate of Blades. It looks like she's all done by the time Ayane arrives. Excited b

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