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Watch Gatekeepers online: Episode 3 Late Summer

Ayane contemplates people lazing around on a summer day. She feels disgruntled with them and herself. Meanwhile, Miyu's friends wonder why Miyu's so distracted. A flashback shows Miyu after a battle, feeling uneasy as Ayane collects the crystal remains of the Invaders. Ayane wanders through a suburban neighborhood. A woman recognizes her. The woman, Saemi, invites Ayane to dinner with her and her child, Junichi. In Saemi's house, Saemi asks Ayane if she's forgiven her father. Ayane reveals she can't forgive her dad for leaving her and her mom. She tells Saemi she's met Yukino, the black-haired ghost girl Saemi told her about before. On the rooftop of the school, the blond ghost-girl appears before Yukino and taunts her for not being able to open a Gate anymore. She then says, ""This is the beginning of the end."" Miyu's friends take her to a karaoke lounge. The girls get a private singing room, but the fun's interrupted when the power goes out. An Invader sends his tentacles through the

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