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What is Gate Keepers 21 about?
The Invaders are aliens wrapped in trench coats, packing massive firepower, and sporting horrible complexions. They're taking over Tokyo, exploiting humanity's dark side to turn people into their minions. It has been 30 years since the first round of major battles with the Invaders (chronicled in the original Gate Keepers series). In the 21st century the Invaders are still nasty, still lurking everywhere, and still able to meld with each other to form huge, formidable beasts and machines. Fortunately there's someone to stop them: the Gate Keepers. 'Gate... open!' Ayane Isuzu isn't an ordinary high school girl. She's labeled a "weirdo" since she's a loner and is so into technology (Does she carry that laptop everywhere?). Her sharp, cynical wit doesn't win her many friends, either. But there's something even more unusual about her, something most people don't know: She's a Gate Keeper! To combat the Invaders, she can open the powerful Gate of Gales. And w

Actors: Sakura Nogawa, Lynn Fischer, Riva West, Ave Lasser, Michael McConohie, Kari Wahlgren, Jim Taggert, Georgette Rose, Kirk Thornton, Ruby Marlowe, Lia Sargent, Jane Allen, Dan Martin
Genre: Animation

Season 1 of Gate Keepers 21

    Episode 2: Mad Dash  
    Episode 4: Ayane  
    Episode 5: Miu  
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