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What is Argento Soma about?
It was the year 2059 and for several years the earth was settled with Aliens causing troubles to human. Dr Noguchi, Maki Agata, and Tukuto Kenishiro wanted to learn more about these aliens. They did an experiment with a large bio-mechanical alien named Frank. During this process the alien comes to life and destroy everything in sight. Frank leaves and goes to the wild and meets a girl whose parents who were killed because of the war. She and Frank were soon taken custody and captured by Funeral, a secret agency. Takuto who survive Frank rampage whose was screw up by Frank wanted revenge and is know known as Ryu Soma of the Funeral agency.

Actors: Kuwashima Houko, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Yui Horie, Wendee Lee, Lara Jill Miller, Sandy Fox, Jamieson Price, Steve Staley, Paul St. Peter, Richard Cansino, Julie Anne Taylor, Stephen Apostolina, Doug Stone II, Paula Mattiloi Walker, Lynn Fischer, Melodee Spevack, Cris
Genre: Animation


Season 1 of Argento Soma

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