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Watch Gunslinger Girl online: Episode 10 The Flower of Goodwill

Triela is still upset at her failure to defeat Pinocchio. Mario Bossi is testifying against the Mafia and Hillshire and Triela are sent to Naples to guard his teenage daughter, Maria Machiavelli. Maria chafes at the restrictions and tries to escape, being captured by Mafioso sent to capture her as leverage to prevent her father from testifying. Henrietta and Giuseppe rescue her, however. Triela undergoes Close Quarters Combat training at a Carabineri base. And a series of flashbacks also tells the story of how Hillshire and Rachelle Belleut met at Europol and while investigating a child torture/murder ring, rescued Triela at the cost of Rachelles life. It ends with Triela having one of her legs replaced and when she awakes, she notes that she dreamed of someone who was maybe her mother.

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