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Watch Gunslinger Girl online: Episode 9 Wise Serpent, Pure Dove

Giuseppe reunites with an old friend from the Italian military, with whom he reminisces on the past, and especially his sister Enrica, until a PRF terrorist detonates a bomb near their restaurant. After his capture by Beatrice and interrogation by Rico reveals a large supply of plastic explosive, supplied to the PRF through the military, Section Two is tasked with finding out the identity of the traitor. The trail eventually leads to Giuseppe's old acquaintance, who is killed in a raid by the Fratello, badly upsetting Giuseppe, and his superior, Colonel Garnier. Meanwhile, Henrietta is troubled both over feelings that she is being overly selfish with Giuseppe and his general depression. She and Rico assassinate the Colonel and his second-in-command at a performance of Tosca, and Giuseppe reaffirms his affection for Henrietta, gently pinching her on the cheek as he used to do with his sister.

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