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Watch Gunslinger Girl online: Episode 9 Lycoris Radiata Herb (Cluster Amaryllis)

Elsa, another mechanized assassin girl, completes a mission to terminate a group of corrupt police officers on the orders of her handler, Lauro. Lauro recruits Giuseppe for his next mission, and the two remark over their different views on treating the girls, Lauro's indifference contrasting against Giuseppe's empathy. Henrietta attempts to converse with Elsa before the mission, but is rebuffed by the girl's single-minded devotion to Lauro. Meanwhile, Elsa grows increasingly jealous over Giuseppe and Henrietta's close relationship, and Lauro removes her from the mission when he notices this. After Giuseppe and Henrietta succeed, Lauro comments on Elsa's uselessness, leaving her devastated.

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