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What is Zoboomafoo about?
Meet the Sifaka Lemur, Zoboomafoo, who has the ability to speak. Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt, the two companions of Zoboomafoo, discover more about the world of animals. This show teaches about the lifestyles, habitats, and characteristics of the animal discussed about in that episode.

Actors: Samantha Tolkacz, Genevieve Farrell, Chris Kratt, Martin Kratt, Gord Robertson
Genre: Children
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Season 1 of Zoboomafoo

    Episode 2: Eye Spy  
    Episode 6: Swimming  
    Episode 8: Snow Day  
    Episode 12: Homes  
    Episode 13: Puppies  
    Episode 14: Tracks  
    Episode 15: Fling  
    Episode 16: Itchy  
    Episode 19: Running  
    Episode 21: Giants  
    Episode 22: Pets  
    Episode 23: Bears  
    Episode 24: Lids  
    Episode 28: Horses  
    Episode 30: Jumpers  
    Episode 37: Cats  
    Episode 39: Stinky  
    Episode 40: Bzzz  

Season 2 of Zoboomafoo

    Episode 3: Bovine  
    Episode 5: Humans  
    Episode 12: Buddies  
    Episode 19: H2O  
    Episode 22: Armor  
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