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Canada Night TV Nation's special salute to our neighbors to the north. Throughout the night we smuggle illegal Canadians across the border, try to give free guns to Canadians, and attempt to find out how much Americans know about Canada. As a highlight, host Michael Moore sings the Canadian National Anthem at a Toronto Blue Jays/Detroit Tigers game. DC Perks The Contract with America states that Congress must abide by all the laws that the citizens of the United States do. As it turns out, Congress still plays and lives by a different set of rules. TV Nation travels to Washington, D.C. to enforce the Contract With America by showing up and asking for the same treatment members of Congress receive. We attempt to park our car in the free ""Members Only"" spaces at National Airport, get free medical care at Bethesda Naval Hospital, and get a relaxing facial from a congressional cosmetologist. Nugent TV Nation visits the newest board member of the National Rifle Association, rock and r

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