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Most Wanted Brian Anthony Harris is an African-American man living in Washington, D.C. To date, he has been picked up, brought in, and/or arrested over 20 times because he either ""looks like a criminal"" or because he closely resembles the description of an actual felon-at-large. It has gotten so bad that Harris is afraid to leave his house and drive to his job as Lighting Director at BET (Black Entertainment Television). TV Nation begins a campaign in Washington complete with billboards and radio ads to inform all police agencies that ""Brian Anthony Harris is not wanted."" Love Night Hate groups are on the rise in the United States. The more protestors try to shout them down, the more hateful they become. TV Nation believes it is time for a little tenderness and throughout ""Love Night"" attempts to love those who hate. We send a mariachi band to a Klan rally in Georgia. We send a chorus line to kick up some love at the Aryan World Congress. A gay men's choir serenades Senator Jesse H

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