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War Reenactment Night TV Nation joins the guys who dress up on weekends and reenact Civil War battles. Only this time, we have them reenact more recent battles in full Civil War regalia—the fall of Saigon, the Battle of Hiroshima, the battle between Tom Arnold and Roseanne and the battle everyone wanted to see—the one that occurred when Elizabeth Hurley picked up Hugh Grant from London's Heathrow Airport. Helltown The Southern Baptist Church has published a map in Alabama showing which counties have the most residents who are ""unsaved"" and therefore doomed to the fires of hell. TV Nation travels to the county with the most ""lost"" souls and attempts to save them from eternal damnation. Crackers -- Philly Crackers the Corporate Crime-Fighting Chicken heads to Philadelphia in search of corporate wrongdoing. Hundreds of TV Nation fans how up to give him tips, one of which particularly ruffles Crackers' feathers: Philadelphia banks charge up to $30 for bounced check fees even if you

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