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TV Nation Day TV Nation and the citizens of Fishkill, NY celebrate and wait for August 16, 1994 to be declared officially by Congress as ""TV Nation Day."" Millennium There are over 2,500 groups in the United States who feel the end of the world as we know it will come with the new millennium. TV Nation visits four of these groups to find out if we will survive the year 2000. Get Ready for Prison Test It seems that lately more and more white collar criminals are going to prison. But will they be prepared for their new environment? TV Nation hires an advisor to prepare our viewers who may very well be entering prison in the near future. Haulin Just like The Who, Communism has come and gone. The only difference is, Communism never had a last tour across America. TV Nation gives it that last tour by packing an 18-wheeler with Communist merchandise and driving it through the South. Bosnia Not many of us understand what is going on in Bosnia. All we seem to know is that a lot of peo

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