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Dr. Death We all know what Dr. Jack Kervorkian does for a living, but did you ever wonder what he does in his spare time? TV Nation finds out by visiting him at his home in Michigan. Lobbyist Many people feel that lobbyists are running our government and those with enough money can buy the government. TV Nation tests this theory and hires a lobbyist to see exactly how much democracy can be bought for $5,000. Amazon Avon TV Nation travels to the Amazon to visit Avon representatives who sell cosmetics to women by promising lighter skin, even greater height, when they buy Avon products that cost up to 13 times their daily wage. North Dakota North Dakota is the least visited state in the United States. Attractions such as the Lawrence Welk Museum and the geographical center of North America along with the subzero temperatures would suggest a booming tourist industry. TV Nation investigates. Sludge What happens after New Yorkers flush the toilet? TV Nation follows the sludge train

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