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What is Blue Murder about?
Set in Toronto, this police procedural follows the work of a group of detectives solving murder cases in a gritty urban environment.

Actors: Jeremy Ratchford, Benz Antoine, Maurice Dean Wint, Tracy Waterhouse, Mimi Kuzyk, Maria del Mar, Tamara Hickey, Kari Matchett, Joel Keller
Genre: Action and Adventure

Season 1 of Blue Murder

    Episode 7: Partners  
    Episode 9: Dr. Tara  

Season 2 of Blue Murder

    Episode : Lonely  
    Episode 2: Asylum  
    Episode 6: Homeless  
    Episode 11: Payback  

Season 3 of Blue Murder

    Episode : In Deep  
    Episode 3: Respect  
    Episode 4: John Doe  
    Episode 9: Boy Band  
    Episode 10: Ambush  

Season 4 of Blue Murder

    Episode 5: Boarders  
    Episode 10: Spooks  

Season 5 of Blue Murder

    Episode : Inside  
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