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What is The Wanderer about?
Welcome to The Wanderer guide at TV Tome. Shy billionaire business man Adam and his wicked twin brother Zachary (both played by Bryan Brown) are two former knights from the tenth century born again in the late twentieth. Zachary wants a complicated revenge on Adam, who killed him in the year 1000, but there is much more at stake than mere vengeance. The other players in both of these time-zones are Zachary's beautiful and deadly companion Beatrice, (Kim Thomson), Adam's friend Godbold (in the present day a philosophically-minded plumber and wrestler with a large beard, but anciently a hermit and monk, played by Tony Haygarth) and Adam's mediaeval lover Lady Clare (Deborah Moore). She has come back in the present as Clare, a spirited photographer, and does not plan to lose her man a second time. Wolfgang Mathias is Adam's personal assistant, but having no roots in the tenth century he gets pretty confused by it all. The series is strikingly original, with echoes of

Actors: Kim Thomson, Deborah Moore, Otto Tausig, Bryan Brown, Tony Haygarth

Season 1 of The Wanderer

    Episode 1: Rebirth  
    Episode 3: Bridges  
    Episode 6: Clare  
    Episode 7: No Bull  
    Episode 12: Home  
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