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Watch Commando Cody online: Episode 6 Destroyers of the Sun

From Republic's press release: ""The Ruler uses a device which puts out the sun's light. Panic results all over the world as it is plunged into darkness. Commando Cody must go to the Earth's rescue."" When the Ruler blots out the sun, Cody finds he is trapped on the Earth. A saboteur has added an element to the Station #8 dispenser for the Cosmic Dust Blanket. Cody's Disbursal Ray will not penetrate the Dust Blanket and allow his rocketship to leave the Earth. Cody discovers the saboteur and traces the energy source of the Ruler's device to Planet M-27. When he reaches the planet he can not destroy the ""Atomic Device"" blotting out the sun because he is stopped by an Invisible Block.""

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