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Le Jeu arrives in Scotland. The local press are very interested in their upcoming production of 'Blood and Oatmeal', primarily because PJ will be appearing in it and a lot of her live in Scotland. Jen is being pursued by Grahame Cunliffe despite the fact that he is about to marry his fiancee Fiona. Kim is busy cultivating a Scottish accent and leading on a local cabbie, whilst PJ and Keith become closer, much to Claudia's annoyance. Jen is horrified when she learns that the venue is sold out on opening night to people who she thinks can only be jazz fans. Worse is to come for Jen when Kim destroys the production by overdosing on temazepam and PJ takes over singing some of her songs to save the peformance. Whilst PJ signs her CD's in the foyer, Ben discovers he is being stalked by his ex-boyfriend Amir and Jen loses it with Kim...

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